16 August 2012

Register now: eHealth Acceptance Conference 2012

The project partners of ICT for Health invite to participate in the eHealth Acceptance Conference 2012 in Brussels on the 5th to 6th of November 2012.

A greater and better acceptance of ICT is central to ensure future healthcare provision in the regions! The eHealth Acceptance Conference 2012 places the issue on the political agenda. Alongside policy makers, health sector professionals, universities, patient associations and relevant industries from the Baltic Sea Region, representatives from European level will take part in this transnational event. The conference will mainly focus on these topics:

eHealth in the regions: strategies and good practices.
Patient empowerment through lifelong learning and self-monitoring
From ICT-Skills towards eHealth-Practice!
Access to multilingual personal health summary in the Baltic Sea Region

Discover the many opportunities the future has to offer and register now!

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Go to www.ehealthacceptance2012.net


5 July 2012

Fifth Newsletter published

The fifth newsletter of the EU project “ICT for Health” is our last one, because the project will end in December 2012. The ICT for Health project aims at strengthening social capabilities for the utilisation of eHealth technologies in the framework of an ageing population. The main issues of the fifth newsletter are:

Benchmark with interactive atlas
eHealth Bachelor modules for nurse students
Creation of multilingual personal health portal

Click here for Newsletter no 5.


23 June 2012

Module for Teachers

This report ”Module for Teachers”, is the third part of the Multidimensional eHealth modules for students and teachers, carried out in the ICTforHealth project. Main question asked was “how to teach the teachers to teach eHealth?”. Through this question the report approaches the topic by describing the challenges of the current European healthcare system and the possibilities and benefits of eHealth. Furthermore the report defines different eHealth applications. Literature review described in this report supports the module course, which intends to familiarize teachers with the Moodle environment and its possibilities in teaching an online course.

Click here for the third part of the Multidimensional eHealth module.


4 June 2012

A Concept of the Joint European Multidimensional Master's Program in eHealth

The concept of a two-year master's program was developed by the project partners of ICT for Health - including target groups, learning objectives, and relevant modules.The master's program demands that participants study in three different countries for at least one semester while at the same time acquiring practical experience.
The program is based on the following principles:
> all universities can participate
> profiling (business, IT, healthcare)
> all those interested in different disciplines and degrees can participate
> effective assimilation of theory and practice
> consideration of cross-cultural aspects
> devised primarily as on-site courses in English

An essential prerequisite is recruiting sufficient academically trained graduates with a master's degree for the operative part of the "eHealth" project.

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