31 May 2012

Self-learning (web-based) materials for the citizens with chronic diseases


The first two parts of a total of four documents on eHealth aimed at elderly citizens with chronic diseases are published. The reports will provide health care professionals and others with conceptual understanding and a set of tools for raising awareness of what eHealth is. As well as giving input to the process of tailoring self-learning materials to the specific needs of citizens in different contexts.

Self-learning material - introduction.

Self-learning material - interview guide.



18 April 2012

Concept of the ICT for Health Atlas for Benchmarking

The “Concept of the ICT for Health Atlas for Benchmarking, including sustainable running phase” was recently published.
The ICT for Health Atlas is an interactive online system which will provide an overview over the predicted development in eHealth related indicators in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region and can be used for benchmark purposes. Indicators, such as demographics, incidence, mortality and hospital discharges due to chronic diseases, will be presented online. This interactive tool enables citizens, journalists and decision makers to compare eHealth indicators among the countries in the Baltic Sea Area. It will support a continuous discussion on eHealth demands and solutions. It can also be an indicator for the effectiveness of different measures taken in the regions to counteract the impact of the demographic change on the health care systems.

Click here for the publication.


4 April 2012

The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing goes from plan to action

2012-04-02 ict at brussels_5.1A joint conference on the Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing was held by DG Health and Consumers and DG Information Society on the 3rd of April, in Brussels. The main purpose of the conference was to provide practical information on how to get support for the development of initiatives fostering active and healthy ageing and how to participate in the Partnership.

Ministers, representatives of national and regional authorities, health and social care professionals, industry, insurers and NGOs were among the speakers and participants.

The project “ICT for Health” was one of 12 other initiatives which were invited to present their activities in the exhibition as well as practically demonstrate the use and benefit of eHealth solutions. The exhibition served as a good opportunity for the visitors to see how deployment of innovative practices – such as e-health, remote 2012-04-02 ict at brussels_6.1monitoring solutions or via phone applications – could improve the quality and efficiency of the treatment of major chronic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, COPD or diabetes. Visitors were also able to see and try out successful innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing that come from across Europe.

For more information on European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIPAHA) click here.


31 January 2012

Good practice use of ICT inspiring new ways of treatment

The recently published report ‘Examples of Good Practice Use of ICT in Healthcare and its Potential Transferability’ presents cases that focus on the treatment of elderly people suffering from chronic diseases. The cases either take a broad look at eHealth (LIS, IT Health, Supporting the daily life of ageing people at home by means of eHealth) or tackle the major chronic diseases diabetes (DIABETIVA, Health Optimum), cardiovascular diseases (TeleGuard, TEMPiS, Health Optimum, ELCP, and Video consultation for the treatment of chronic heart patients), or COPD (TELEKAT, The Patient Briefcase). Finding new ways of treatment, especially for people with chronic diseases, is of pressing importance. The cases presented in the report can inspire new ways of treatment and raise the acceptance of the use of ICT.

The ICT for Health project aims at raising the acceptance of ICT among medical professionals, decision makers, and citizens. One of the activities to help foster this development has been the documentation of ICT strategies in the partner regions. Following that documentation, this report presents the use of ICT in the project partner regions.

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